UNCITRAL: roundtable on technical assistance
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UNCITRAL: roundtable on technical assistance

UNCITRAL: roundtable on technical assistance

Opportunities and challenges in using UNCITRAL instruments in legal reform in developing and transition countries/ perspectives of States and institutional users.

Atinoukê Kayeyemi AMADOU is delighted to have been invited by UNCITRAL at its 52nd session as an expert on UNCITRAL instruments and reform issues in international trade law.

More specifically, Atinoukê exchanged with States and governmental and intergovernmental organizations on how the various UNCITRAL instruments (model laws, legislative guides, conventions …) and technical assistance that UNCITRAL puts at the disposal of the States, can register in support of the digital economy, but also in other areas of international trade law.

It is important that the legislative and regulatory mechanisms be built and adapted to the intended recipients, otherwise they will remain a dead letter. What is a rule of law if it is not efficient?

CNUDCI 52nd session, Vienna, July 2019